CleverMac PR believes storytelling is quintessential to culitvating and managing perceptions — short-term and long-term. Whether through words, photography, or films, storytelling abounds us.

What story of our lives are we sharing with you in our photographs?   
And, what story shall we tell for you?

CleverMac PR is much more than a trendy public relations firm... . We're a group of experienced communications professionals passionate about causes that support conservation, public health,         science, the Arts, and higher education.

We've spent our careers working in-house as public relations and marketing professionals helping guide   our organizations through crises, media coverage, event planning, message development, and anything   and everything that is marketing and public relations.

Along the way, we've built partnerships with the creative agencies we've hired. So, we know what it is like   to be the client too. And now, here we are... .

Ericka, Principal

Cynthia, Partner

Carrie, Partner

Ana, Partner

Vanessa, Partner